Refuge Jiu Jitsu: A Dynamic Addition to Cameron Park Place

Refuge Jiu Jitsu: A Dynamic Addition to Cameron Park Place

Tenant of the Month

Refuge Jiu Jitsu, located in Cameron Park Place, opened its doors on February 16, 2024, led by Jeremiah Loser, a seasoned Air Force Special Warfare Pararescue Man with over 20 years of military experience. The gym quickly gained popularity, attracting over 150 students in its inaugural month, becoming a local sensation known for its blend of discipline and community spirit. Westwood is excited to welcome them as a new tenant, as they have already expanded into adjacent space, indicating rapid growth and addressing local demand for Jiu-Jitsu.

In addition to its fitness focus, Refuge Jiu-Jitsu actively contributes to the community. Recently, it collaborated with Sweet Dreams to transform living spaces for children with medical conditions, fostering deeper connections. Excitement builds with plans for a “Bring a Friend and Get a Month Off” promotion, fostering community engagement and providing more room for enthusiasts through neighboring space expansion.

Refuge Jiu Jitsu envisions a future intertwined with community growth, law enforcement collaboration, and partnerships with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and local charter schools, solidifying its role as a community-oriented fitness hub. At its core, dedication to community well-being is evident, exemplified by the owner’s active involvement with combat veterans through We Defy.

Refuge Jiu Jitsu continues to blend fitness, discipline, and community engagement. It cements itself as a vibrant presence in Cameron Park’s fitness and martial arts scene, promising a haven for fitness enthusiasts and meaningful connections in Cameron Park Place.